Surety is Our Only Business

Surety isn’t just something we do – it’s all we do. At Western Surety, we focus all our time, effort and resources on knowing surety – and on putting that knowledge to work for you.

With a century of surety experience, Western Surety has the answers to your surety questions.

Our helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) contain answers to many common questions about surety.

“Surety 101” provides an understandable, straightforward introduction to the many facets and advantages of surety bonding.

The Economic Value of Surety bonds in Canada provides an overview of the impact that bonded vs unbonded projects have on the GDP of Canada and each province.


The Timely Decisions You Need

We constantly strive to deliver our product as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our goal on new contract bond submissions is initial response within one business day.

Substantial Capacity; National Service

While our typical projects come from contractors with annual revenues in the $500,000 to $100,000,000 range, we bond a wide variety of contractors and always welcome new submissions. We are fully licensed in all Canadian provinces and territories and do business right across the country.

Canadian Flag

Western Surety is a Canadian owned and operated company.

It looks like you might be visiting us from outside of Canada. We would like to let you know that Western Surety does not conduct business in the USA and is not affiliated in any way with any US firms.

If you do operate within Canada, we would love to work with you.

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