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Having all the information we need lets us serve you better and faster – and helps us find ways to say “yes.” Please remember to include:

  • A completed Western Surety Company Contractor’s Questionnaire (or equivalent).
  • Ownership details or a corporate organization chart (if applicable), resumes of key employees, and information on business plans if available.
  • Professionally prepared Review Engagement quality year end financial statements for the three most recent fiscal years. If the most recent fiscal year ended more than six months prior, an in-house interim statement should also be provided.
  • Aged schedules of accounts receivable and accounts payable. The totals of these schedules should support the figures on the balance sheet for the most recent fiscal year end financial statements.
  • A work-on-hand schedule which includes completion of all columns on Western Surety Company’s form (or equivalent). This report when analyzed should support the deferred revenue and/or work in progress figures on the balance sheet for the most recent fiscal year end.
  • Current personal net worth statements of all shareholders (copies of similar forms provided to a bank would be fine).
  • Affiliated company information (if applicable) including ownership breakdown and the most recent fiscal year end financial statements.
  • Details of the five largest contracts completed in the last ten years including a brief description of the work and location, contract values, and a reference contact person and phone number for each.
  • Bank line of credit commitment or ‘terms and conditions’ letter.

Corporate brochures or other prepared promotional materials such as key personnel resumes, reference letters or pictures of completed projects are always helpful. Remember, the more we know about your client the more we can help you.

Contract Surety Application Forms (Download Only)

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Western Surety is a Canadian owned and operated company.

It looks like you might be visiting us from outside of Canada. We would like to let you know that Western Surety does not conduct business in the USA and is not affiliated in any way with any US firms.

If you do operate within Canada, we would love to work with you.

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